On Thursday, November 19th, CNBC broadcast live from Citadel’s risk center in Chicago. CNBC reporter Kate Kelly interviewed CEO Ken Griffin, Surveyor Capital Portfolio Manager Jack Woodruff and Global Head of FICC, Citadel Securities, Paul Hamill. CNBC viewers got an exclusive look into what makes Citadel unique – exceptionally talented people, a commitment to meritocracy, and a passion for finance.

In a wide ranging interview, Ken highlighted the crucial role research plays in Citadel’s investment process, the emphasis the firm places on hiring the best and brightest, and Citadel’s ambitious plans for the future. He also opined on fiscal policy, the health of the U.S. economy and the political landscape in Europe and the United States, including the 2016 presidential campaign.

Kate Kelly also sat down with Jack Woodruff, a consumer portfolio manager for Surveyor Capital, part of Citadel’s equities platform. Jack discussed Citadel’s investment approach, which is driven by a focus on the idiosyncratic stories underlying individual investment opportunities.  He also provided perspective on the health of the U.S. consumer market, and shifting consumer trends toward an experience economy (e.g., travel, health & wellness, dining, etc.) vs. the exclusive purchase of goods and things.


In his interview with Kate Kelly, Paul Hamill, Global Head of FICC, Citadel Securities, discussed the transformations in the fixed income markets post Dodd-Frank. Paul noted the reforms have reduced systemic risk and complexity while increasing transparency and trading efficacy. He indicated market participants continue to adapt to these changes and the shift to new sources of liquidity as some traditional providers pull back. Additionally, he highlighted Citadel Securities’ market-making expertise across asset classes, and the firm’s recent success in becoming the first non-bank liquidity provider in the interest rate swaps market.