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Job Description

Conduct fundamental and quantitative analysis & research in a proprietary trading European power team. Work alongside a sophisticated team of Analysts, Traders, Meteorologists, Hydrologists, and Quantitative Developers to identify commercially relevant projects in order to generate consistent PnL.
Essential skills
  • Deep fundamental understanding of the German power market
  • Professional fluency in German
  • Experience in asset optimization management (thermal or renewable)
  • Willingness to relocate to London and work full-time in office
  • Excellent Python coding ability in an object-oriented programming environment
  • Excellent understanding of mathematics, statistics, and optimization techniques
Citadel Commodities
We are one of the largest alternative investment managers in the commodities markets. Our investments are based on our deep understanding of commodity market fundamentals. We express our investment views through financial derivatives, physical supply and offtake, and financing.
Commodities have undergone an information revolution. From ship tracking to oil storage levels and crop yields, more data on supply, demand, storage and transport is available than ever before. Commodity markets are more globally connected: natural gas markets impact fertilizer production, agricultural markets impact gasoline production. Understanding these dynamics with the goal of delivering consistent investment returns presents a set of incredible opportunities and complex challenges. Our business brings together exceptional people to do just that. We combine specialist domain expertise with advanced modeling techniques to solve problems that others deem unsolvable.
We emphasize depth over breadth of understanding, modeling markets at the deepest level of granularity. Using a large and growing array of diverse data sources, we run these models in a fast and flexible manner against thousands of assumptions and scenarios to explore our investment hypotheses.
Our investment technology underpins every aspect of our process. Our engineers drive the ingestion of data, the distributed computation of our scenarios and our trade execution algorithms. Many are embedded within our investment teams and focus on specific product types. Others provide robust environments and tooling for our global business.
The team’s culture emphasizes collaboration, rigor and debate. Some of our hardest problems span multiple commodities and geographies. We collaborate across investment teams to solve them together. In turn, we make better-informed decisions.
This model drives our growth, and today are one of the largest alternative investment managers in the commodities markets.

About Citadel

Citadel is one of the world’s leading alternative investment managers. We manage capital on behalf of many of the world’s preeminent private, public and nonprofit institutions. We seek the highest and best use of investor capital in order to deliver market leading results and contribute to broader economic growth. For over 30 years, Citadel has cultivated a culture of learning and collaboration among some of the most talented and accomplished investment professionals, researchers and engineers in the world. Our colleagues are empowered to test their ideas and develop commercial solutions that accelerate their growth and drive real impact.