Brett Swenson on Accomplishing Common Goals at Surveyor Capital

March 12, 2019

Welcome back to Citadel Conversations, an exclusive series of interviews with senior leaders across Citadel. We recently sat down with Brett Swenson, Chief Operating Officer of the Americas for Citadel’s Surveyor Capital, to hear about how the firm has enabled her to take on new opportunities over the eight years she’s been with Citadel and how Surveyor Capital team members accomplish common goals. Swenson shares how her role’s focus has shifted over time (2:11), how Surveyor Capital’s emphasis on collaboration and being results-driven has contributed to the team’s success (1:31), traits she considers essential to being an impactful team member (3:10), and how Surveyor Capital is leveraging technological integration to empower investment professionals like yourself (3:57). Watch the latest edition of Citadel Conversations in full below.