Crain’s Chicago Business Highlights Why We’re on the Hunt for Techies

September 3, 2016

Crain’s Business recently summarized why we’re on pace to hire up to 75 technology professionals this year and concluded “Citadel is upping its tech game by hiring more data scientists, software developers and quants with serious computer skills.” L.J. Brock, our chief people officer, explained to Crain’s that we’re looking for “people with exceptional analytic capabilities and a passion for finance.” He also laid out the unique impact that a technology professional can make at a firm like ours. He told Crain’s that “we’re pioneers in embracing the mindset of using technology to solve problems, transform markets and make them better and fairer for all investors.”

Here’s a further snippet from the Crain’s article: “Citadel is on the hunt not only for quantitative types with strong technology backgrounds but also software developers with trading experience, along with research engineers and data scientists. In addition, the firm is raising its recruiting profile on college campuses.”

For those with a Crain’s subscription, the full story is available here: Citadel is on the hunt for techies—lots of techies. Here’s why.