Working in close-knit teams, engineers define and solve problems as part of our businesses. Their assignment: some of the most complex and rewarding technical challenges in the world.

Your Role

Examine the problem. Sketch a solution. Design. Develop. Deploy cutting-edge systems. Apply innovative techniques or create your own.

Small Teams,
Big Thinking

As an engineer, you’re embedded into teams that build solutions together in real time. This work goes into production quickly, so you see its impact as the markets provide live feedback. You take ownership of the results, share in the success of critical projects and shape your own career path.

About Our Engineering Team
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Experience Engineering at Citadel


Key Engineering


Design, develop, test and deploy software solutions that optimize performance and efficiency.


Partner with quantitative researchers to create and implement research tools and trading systems that leverage cutting-edge statistical techniques and technologies.

User Interface

Leverage advanced JavaScript knowledge and visualization skills to build scalable and performant web applications.

Site Reliability

Combine software and systems engineering to build and run large-scale, distributed and resilient systems. We focus on practices that drive iterative improvement to our solutions.

Transition to Finance
With NXT

Finance offers exciting challenges for top engineering talent. If you’ve been working for a few years in another industry or at another financial firm, you can make a confident transition by joining the NXT Network and putting your career on an accelerated development path.

Discover the NXT Network

Accelerate Your
Early Career

Accelerate your career through our Early Careers experience alongside a community of other motivated engineers. With strong mentorship and skills training, you’ll be primed to discover and apply your strengths.

In your first year, you’ll primarily focus on apprenticeship-style learning. Your specialized training will help you gain insight into the firm, your role and our key tools. You’ll have opportunities to connect with peers and grow your network.

As you develop, we’ll start to identify and utilize your strengths. You’ll push your skills and work on projects that promote your growth. During this year, we’ll help plan the next phase of your career by setting goals.

Key Information
For Applicants

Engineers from our team answer some of our candidates’ frequently asked questions.

What are the skills and traits of successful engineers at Citadel?

What makes software engineers so critical to our work?

What types of problems do our engineers solve?

What are some of the reasons a software engineer would want to work at Citadel?

What sets Citadel apart in the financial industry?

What Defines
Strong Candidates

  • BS/MS in computer science, electrical engineering, engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics or similar majors
  • Previous internship at a tech or finance company or research experience
  • Exceptional programming and design skills
  • Strong analytical skills and familiarity with probability and statistics
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a collaborative, complex and highly technical team environment
  • Intellectual curiosity and passion for solving challenging problems using technology
  • Motivation to learn

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