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Are you starting your career? Citadel is a great place to push your boundaries and learn from the best with real hands-on work. We provide mentoring programs and extensive professional development programs to challenge your skills and speed your growth.


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View dates for upcoming career fairs, tech talks, datathons and other events where Citadel representatives will be on campus.


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Make a difference

Whether you’re ready to start your career or an internship, we’re ready to take your potential to the next level. We provide extensive professional development programs to challenge your skills and speed your growth.

Learn valuable skills

Working hands-on with our teams, you’ll take your learning to new heights as you work in areas such as treasury, technology, accounting, risk management, and operations.

Benefit from mentorship

We support a culture of learning. That’s why in addition to a manager, all entry-level positions and interns are assigned an individual mentor to guide them in their work and help them reach their goals.

Explore the Community

You’ll enjoy excursions with trips to sporting and cultural events and employee after-hours events.

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