Fixed Income & Macro

A Disciplined
Strategic Approach

Fixed Income and Macro is one of Citadel’s longest-running strategies.

Our trading and research team continually originates, analyzes and evaluates new ideas using deeply researched qualitative and quantitative methods.

We work collaboratively to identify opportunities, employing a rigorous investment process. Our expertise spans macro views, monetary policy and the intersection of public and proprietary data.

Focus Areas

  • Rates (interest rate swaps, sovereign bonds, inflation)
  • Currencies
  • Emerging markets
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Credit

Exceptional Growth

We are committed to attracting and developing the highest performing team in the industry, from establishing one of the most robust intern classes each year to recruiting experienced professionals. Our team is made up of people with a passion for applying their understanding of the macroeconomic environment to financial markets.

We work in an entrepreneurial environment that maximizes people’s talents, contributing to our growth and a strong track record of advancing careers. The majority of our senior portfolio managers were promoted from within.

Colleagues collaborate to identify and debate their best ideas. We embrace creativity, new strategies and unique ways of doing things from all team members.

We take every opportunity to share information and teach one another. In addition to learning on the desk, our teams have abundant resources for professional growth. From career management courses to tailored, one-on-one coaching, technical training, leadership development opportunities and external speakers’ series, we believe we are a premier destination for learning.

Best-in-Class Platform

Our relentless focus on, and investment in, our team, tools and resources allow us to discover and act on opportunities.

We have a best-in-class computational platform that allows us to synthesize an unparalleled amount of data. As a result, we see things faster and more clearly.

We continually develop and improve our portfolio construction and risk management techniques. Our teams develop the conviction to deploy risk at scale, even in periods of volatility or uncertainty. Our scale and scope ensure our central teams of engineers, quantitative researchers, economists and traders benefit from each other’s expertise while focusing on what they do best.

Our market understanding and experience lead many in the industry to seek out partnership on cutting-edge initiatives in market transparency, SEFs and other market structure efforts.

A photo of Edwin Lin

Team Leadership

Edwin Lin
Head of Fixed Income and Macro

Edwin Lin joined Citadel in 2011 as a senior Portfolio Manager, focusing on global linear relative value strategies. In 2016 he was named Head of Fixed Income and Macro.

Since then, Edwin has led the expansion of the strategy across products and geographies to become a leading fixed income and macro investor. Under his leadership, they have nearly tripled its capital. He also serves on Citadel’s Portfolio Committee

Edwin began his career as an associate at JPMorgan. He also served as Head of USD Short-end and Basis Trading and as Head of Canadian Rates at Credit Suisse for 10 years.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College.

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