Surveyor Capital

Playing from a Position of Strength

Surveyor Capital is a longstanding fundamental equities strategy at Citadel, established in 2008. Our sector-aligned investment teams conduct deep fundamental research, developing an independent view on the companies they cover. They are specialists in their industries and experts in their coverage, building trusted relationships with many corporate management teams.

Investment teams leverage Citadel’s proprietary, market-neutral risk framework with the aim of building portfolios that minimize broad market exposures. Using this insight, they act on their investment theses and scale their risk-taking with confidence. This coupled with our focus on developing talent helps drive our results.

Key Strategies

  • Fundamental long/short
  • Equity capital markets


  • Consumer
  • Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Technology, media & telecom

Empowering Top Talent

Our goal is to develop the industry’s top performers. Placing emphasis on collaboration, continuous learning, and mentorship, we ensure each person on the team is in the best position to succeed.

Sharing best practices is integral to our function and a critical part of our culture. From junior talent to portfolio managers, everyone receives tailored development plans. Early career professionals learn from experts with a strong understanding of fundamental investing. Seasoned investors teach them how to use our infrastructure to hone their rigorous investment process and risk management routines. They are supported by one-on-one coaching from committed mentors and receive regular, curated feedback to encourage personalized growth at pace.

Surveyor strives to be the ultimate meritocracy. When people prove themselves, bigger opportunities emerge. Successful members of our team demonstrate a relentless curiosity, desire to improve and discipline that drives their career to the next level. Most of our portfolio managers started as analysts or associates at Surveyor.

World-Class Resources

We provide the best tools and resources in the industry, empowering our investment professionals to pursue their boldest ideas. Investment teams benefit from the full scale of Citadel, from dedicated teams in hiring and engineering to proprietary analytics and portfolio construction tools. We ensure our portfolio managers have whatever they need to build top-tier investment teams tailored to their experience and growth plans.

Team Leadership

Phillip Lee
Head of Surveyor Capital

Phillip Lee joined Citadel in 2013 as a senior analyst specializing in the technology sector at Surveyor Capital. After performing as a top analyst at the firm, he was promoted to portfolio manager in 2015 and subsequently scaled one of the largest and most profitable teams at Citadel.

During his time as a portfolio manager, Phil was also promoted to take on managerial responsibilities including Senior Mentor and then U.S. Deputy Head where he spent time helping accelerate the success of portfolio managers, analysts and associates based on his success building and scaling his team at Surveyor.

In 2021 Phil was appointed as Head of Surveyor Capital. He has since advanced Surveyor as a talent forward strategy, focusing on recruiting, developing, and retaining the best investment talent and setting teams up for long-term success. He serves on Citadel’s Portfolio Committee.

Phil started his career at Morgan Stanley’s Technology Investment Banking division and was the first senior analyst to join Cadian Capital, a technology focused hedge fund.

Phil graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s degree in economics and earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

On Career Growth

“This is the best place for you to build your career for the long term,” explains Phillip Lee, who knows what a career trajectory at Citadel can be. Ten years ago, he started as an analyst at Surveyor Capital. Now he runs the team.

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