The Citadel
Associate Program

Learn the skills, strategy and craft of investing at a preeminent financial firm. In this highly selective program, world-class investment professionals will be your coworkers and teachers.

A Masterclass
in Investing

The Citadel Associate Program teaches foundational skills to early-career investment professionals in our equities strategies. Our summer internship sets up participants for our full-time graduate program.

Rotations are available globally, with our New York City team serving as your lead instructors.

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11 Weeks of
Rapid Development

Our internship is open to rising seniors. For 11 weeks, you’ll receive hands-on, foundational instruction from firm leaders. Rotating among investment teams, you’ll conduct bespoke research projects, initiate coverage of companies and present a stock pitch with a team of peers.


You’ll start with a one-week offsite to foster relationships with peers and develop problem-solving and leadership skills. Next, you’ll learn modeling and financial analysis fundamentals as you prepare for the first of two team rotations. You’ll build connections with investment professionals who will help hone your investment approach.

Begin your first team rotation and initiation project, while continuing to learn and train. In your sixth week, you’ll complete your first set of initiation presentations. In week seven, you’ll return to the classroom to hone more skills and prepare for your second rotation.

During the last phase of the program, you’ll complete your second team rotation and initiation project. As you enter your last week, you’ll return to the classroom for final sessions and review. You will also have opportunities to give back through community service while networking with the people you’ve met.

5 Months of
Unparalleled Growth

As a graduate participant, you’ll spend three months honing a strong financial analysis and investment diligence process. You will build lasting relationships across the investment teams, aided by extensive communication and leadership training.

  • Months 1-3: Onboarding and classroom
  • Month 4: First team rotation
  • Month 5: Second team rotation

Build Your
Investing Skillset


Inside Citadel’s Accelerated Training Program For Aspiring Investors

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What Makes a
Strong Candidate

  • BA in finance, accounting, marketing or management or similar majors, or BS/MS in computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics or similar majors
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Interest in financial markets
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for problem solving
  • Motivation to learn and be coached
  • Competitive drive
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