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Ken Griffin on Developing Competitive Advantages as One Team

The Navy SEAL Foundation’s annual Evening of Tribute last month helped raise $5 million to provide financial and medical support to members of the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.

My Career Roadmap: A Profile of Paul Jefferys

At Citadel, we are committed to providing you with a career roadmap that sets you up for success no matter where your career takes you. Through a new series, “My Career Roadmap,” we want to help you make decisions about your career – based on insights from our team members. We’re pleased to introduce in our second profile Paul Jefferys, senior trader at Citadel. Paul joined Citadel only two months ago with an impressive background and was recently named one of TRADE’s Rising Stars of Trading and Execution.

Fundamental Analysis at Citadel – Inside the Job with Tio Charbaghi

Watch how Tio Charbaghi, financial analyst at Citadel, deconstructs a sector to reveal the systems inside. The answers he finds light the pathway to success at the firm.

Public Policy

Citadel is a firm supporter of the G-20 reforms to the OTC derivatives markets, including the central clearing and trading requirements. These reforms have already begun and will continue to reduce interconnectedness and systemic risk, improve pre- and post-trade transparency, and foster an open, level, competitive playing field.


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Citadel supports efforts to modernize the regulatory framework for the US Treasury markets, including the introduction of real-time public reporting, the registration of multilateral trading venues, non-discriminatory access to trading venues, and the expansion of repo clearing. Consistent with our longstanding commitment to more fair and efficient markets, we believe these changes will enhance transparency and resiliency in the US Treasury market and provide Treasury market participants with greater choice among trading venues and counterparties.


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Citadel believes that investors play an essential and beneficial role in the commodities markets. Investors’ research and analysis leads to greater transparency, facilitating more efficient economic decisions by commodity producers and consumers and optimizing resource allocation across the real economy. At the same time, investors’ market activity enhances liquidity and facilitates the price discovery process for all market participants.


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Citadel supports the FX Global Code’s objectives of promoting a robust, fair, liquid, open, and appropriately transparent foreign exchange market, and believes that realizing these objectives requires a transition to fully firm pricing and the elimination of “last look” practices.


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