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Ken Griffin Visits “War Stories Over Board Games” to Talk Lessons Learned Over Career

Ken Griffin, CEO and Founder of Citadel, sat down with Julie Segal from Institutional Investor magazine to discuss lessons from the 2008 financial crisis - and play UNO. Watch the interview.

2017 Risk Awards Shine a Light on the Risk Center at Citadel

We are excited to share that Citadel received the coveted “In-House System of the Year” award at Risk Magazine’s 2017 Risk Awards.

Managing Your Career by Managing Risk

A Conversation with Joanna Welsh, Chief Risk Officer of Citadel.

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July 26, 2017

Uber’s Laszlo Korsos Joins Citadel as Chief Data Officer

We are excited to announce that Laszlo Korsos, who most recently served as a Lead Data Scientist at Uber Technologies, is joining the firm as Chief Data Officer. Prior to Uber, Laszlo held roles with Goldman Sachs and Nuveen Investments.

July 25, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Career at a Hedge Fund: Your First Six Months

In this chapter of the Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Career at a Hedge Fund, we dive into accomplishments and milestones you should strive to achieve during your first six months at a firm to support your career development.

July 20, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Career at a Hedge Fund: Your First Week

In any industry, the most challenging part of building your career is always the first step and the first decisions made once you start your career. To help, Citadel is launching its first Ultimate Career Guide to provide career advice and checklists to help you prepare for this transition no matter where you are in your career.

Public Policy

Citadel is a firm supporter of the G-20 reforms to the OTC derivatives markets, including the central clearing and trading requirements. These reforms have already begun and will continue to reduce interconnectedness and systemic risk, improve pre- and post-trade transparency, and foster an open, level, competitive playing field.


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Citadel supports efforts to modernize the regulatory framework for the US Treasury markets, including the introduction of real-time public reporting, the registration of multilateral trading venues, non-discriminatory access to trading venues, and the expansion of repo clearing. Consistent with our longstanding commitment to more fair and efficient markets, we believe these changes will enhance transparency and resiliency in the US Treasury market and provide Treasury market participants with greater choice among trading venues and counterparties.


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Citadel believes that investors play an essential and beneficial role in the commodities markets. Investors’ research and analysis leads to greater transparency, facilitating more efficient economic decisions by commodity producers and consumers and optimizing resource allocation across the real economy. At the same time, investors’ market activity enhances liquidity and facilitates the price discovery process for all market participants.


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The U.S. equity markets are the fairest, most transparent, resilient and competitive markets in the world. Citadel believes that competition and innovation have markedly improved conditions for all investors, who benefit from dramatically lower trading costs, improved market transparency and liquidity, and increased competition. We support regulatory efforts to ensure that U.S. equity markets continue to best serve the interests of all investors.


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