Tackle some of the most complex and rewarding technology challenges in the world


Work side-by-side with investment professionals and quantitative researchers from across the firm to design, develop and deploy cutting-edge systems

At Citadel, engineers work in small teams to turn innovative ideas into high-performing and resilient technology. They apply innovative techniques, including distributed computing, natural language processing and machine learning, to solve problems and advance our business. Empowered to think big, we partner with quantitative researchers and traders to define priorities and develop custom solutions.

Engineers are aligned to our investment and enterprise teams, allowing them to build relationships and learn the business quickly. With short development cycles, work rapidly goes into production. And the market provides real-time feedback, quickly propelling the cycle of learning and impact.

We work with you to find the role that best suits your strengths:

Software Engineer

Design, develop, test and deploy software solutions that optimize performance and efficiency.

Quantitative Developer

Partner with quantitative researchers to create and implement research tools and trading systems that leverage cutting-edge statistical techniques and technologies.

User Interface Engineer

Leverage advanced JavaScript knowledge and visualization skills to build scalable and performant web applications.

Site Reliability Engineer

Combine software and systems engineering to build and run large-scale, distributed and resilient systems. We focus on practices that drive iterative improvement to our solutions.

Growth and development

We make bold investments in extraordinary people and provide the tools and resources you need to take ownership of your work and your career.

We are committed to helping new graduates build meaningful engineering careers on an accelerated learning curve. Many engineers who joined us right out of school have gone on to develop some of our most critical technologies and lead some of our most successful teams. Are you next?

From day one, you will have the opportunity to learn the industry and gain skills to develop as a leader.


Learn the fundamentals of capital markets, statistics, investments and derivatives. Become fluent in the languages of finance and financial technology.


Receive intermediate and advanced skill-boosters for Python and C++, training in Clean Code principles and hands-on introductions to the firm’s advanced internal systems and custom tools.


Benefit from practical instruction and guidance on running teams, managing projects and communicating with colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

In our effort to build a team of the world’s brightest minds, we engage with top software engineers from leading academic and research campuses around the world.

These are some of their frequently asked questions, answered by software engineers here at Citadel.

What are the skills and traits that make someone a successful engineer at Citadel?

Confidence and a commercial mindset: Business moves quickly, just like the markets. Being able to operate with a self-sufficient, can-do attitude is essential. You should feel comfortable making decisions, assessing risk and trusting your intuition as you design systems.

Quick learning and comfort with ambiguity: You must possess the ability to learn quickly, adapt and be comfortable operating in unfamiliar situations. Continuous learning is an expectation because we are building without a manual for the issues and opportunities we identify in real time. We want candidates who are excited about the lack of definition upfront because the moments with the least definition yield the most innovative solutions.

Problem solving: You will face challenging, sometimes ambiguous problems. But if you’re a motivated problem solver, you can tap into the best tools and available resources, including bright teammates who want to see you succeed.

Technical proficiency: Excellence is a baseline—you need to be an amazing engineer. But you don’t need to be an expert in many specific program languages on day one; we’ll teach you. We want talented engineers who want to learn, master new skills and continue to raise the bar together.

Ownership: We encourage initiative. People who take responsibility and accountability for projects grow the fastest.

What are some of the reasons a software engineer would want to work at Citadel?

Learning opportunities: We’re lucky to work with brilliant teammates at a scale where the opportunity to collaborate, even with senior leaders, is unrivaled. Learning and growth are an everyday experience, rather than a one-off training session. Everyone we work with is extremely smart, driven and focused on achieving results. Our scale also allows us to keep the bar consistently high and bring on only the most extraordinary people.

Rapid production cycles: We have rapid software lifecycles. Our team members thrive on the opportunity to innovate and execute as they continually pursue new, better ways of working. At a tech firm, it may take months to see work come to fruition, but our engineers can quickly see their impact.

Innovation: Our engineers are hardly ever given a document that says, “Here’s what you should build.” Instead, a trader can describe a problem they have or the opportunity they want to capture. Our engineers get to ask questions, clarify the issue and then build a technical solution that’s stronger because they understand the business issue they are solving for.

Citadel operates at such a massive data scale that it would be impossible for this business to run without incredible software engineers. Our mission is to be the most successful investment team in the world. Software engineers are critical to accomplishing that mission.

Data is constantly flooding in, and it’s up to us to turn it into valuable, actionable information that is easy to consume—from ingesting the data, to computing the underlying analytics and designing the user interface, and everything in between. Our business partners are often truly impressed the first time they see the systems we design.

Bottom line, software engineers at Citadel enable investors and traders to focus on the markets. In turn, we get to focus on building technology. We ensure that all of our systems work together while we’re also keeping in mind future possibilities—not just today’s challenges. It results in a true partnership with the business rather than a top-down approach where one party dictates needs and another simply executes. Instead, we play to our strengths and problem solve together, and that allows us to succeed as a team.

Our job is to be forward looking. We build technology that will support us ten years in the future. Therefore, we seek to build solutions that can support multiples of the trading volume today and ensure business continuity even in times of market volatility.

Our process is simple; we start with business goals and build technology solutions to achieve them. For example:

  • Working on data ingestion pipelines to help the trading desk build their models, their data visualization and other pieces of infrastructure to improve workflow
  • Building a scenario analysis framework to allow traders to analyze how their current positions would react to specific market scenarios
  • Creating analytics tools that enable quantitative researchers to meaningfully search and visualize datasets comprising millions of rows per day
  • Building cloud-based, microservices software architectures with optimized UX
  • Developing a real-time dashboard that contains all our trading tools, becoming a single user interface that traders can access by a web browser.

Technology is at the very heart of what we do. Engineering is not a support function. We are responsible for building technical solutions that directly impact business outcomes.

We work as partners with the business, eliminating the middlemen and working in collaboration to innovate and develop creative, commercial solutions. From the top of the organization down, engineering is treated as the lifeblood of the firm.


  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics or similar majors
  • Previous internship at a tech or finance company or research experience
  • Exceptional programming and design skills
  • Strong analytical skills and familiarity with probability and statistics
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a collaborative, complex and highly technical team environment
  • Intellectual curiosity and passion for solving challenging problems using technology
  • Motivation to learn

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