Investing and Trading

Develop the skills to bring investing ideas to life


Work side-by-side with quantitative researchers and engineers to drive our investment strategies

The markets present exciting opportunities every day.

You’ll work to unlock those opportunities through deep fundamental research and quantitative analysis. As part of a specialized team led by experienced investment professionals, you can quickly learn the business and add measurable value by analyzing economic data to generate strategies designed to deliver market-leading returns for our capital partners.

Growth and development

Learning the right way from day one allows you to launch your career at pace. We make bold investments in extraordinary people and are committed to helping you develop the skills you need to succeed, leverage your strengths and contribute to the team.

Industry experts and senior leaders will teach you about our different investment and trading strategies and help sharpen your market and business intuition.

Academic coursework

Learn asset class fundamentals, technical skills and decision making from experienced industry professionals.

On-the-job training

Receive ongoing mentorship to improve market knowledge, analytical skills and programming expertise.


Benefit from practical instruction on running teams, managing projects and communicating with colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

In our pursuit of extraordinary individuals, we interact with financial talent from top academic institutions around the world as well as those currently working in the markets.

These are some of their most frequently asked questions, answered by our team at Citadel.

How would you describe Citadel’s culture?

Collaborative: Unlike some other multi-manager hedge funds, where teams can be siloed or in competition with each other, we freely ask questions and seek help from resident experts, regardless of where they sit in the organization. Team members share ideas and best practices, which results in a team-centric workflow.

Entrepreneurial: Citadel fosters an entrepreneurial mindset. People are encouraged to innovate, and given access to the resources required to transform their ideas into real-world outcomes. Investors and traders looking for new ways to problem solve will not find a better place to do so.

Best ideas win: Here, our team members are encouraged to achieve their greatest ambitions. We support and reward initiative and smart risk-taking. The opportunity to grow and accelerate your career is based on skills and performance, rather than title or tenure.

What skills and traits will make me a more qualified candidate for a role in investing or trading at Citadel?

Open-minded: Having an open and curious mind is critical to your success as an investment professional or trader. You need to be confident in your intuition while recognizing that you could be wrong. That is why we factor even low-probability events into our approach in order to manage risk.

Structured thinker: Much of the work we do involves anticipating or reacting to market events, so it is important to develop frameworks that provide structure in times of uncertainty.

Disciplined and resilient: The markets change in real-time and at lightning-fast speeds. To be successful, you need to maintain your focus and minimize distractions. Adopting a structured approach helps you separate the signal from the noise and reduces the likelihood of being sidetracked by low-impact market events or other distractions.

Innovative self-starter: As the market moves and we consider our positions and strategies each day, our investors and traders look around corners to develop new and better ways of doing things—and they do it without being prompted. Innovation and initiative go a long way at Citadel.

A passion for markets, combined with the study of computer science, statistics or another quantitative field, is highly beneficial. Courses on probability, mathematics and data science are also quite useful.

However, the most important thing to learn in school is how to think critically and problem solve, both in and out of the classroom. Participation in clubs and competitions where you apply your skills in simulations can be useful, as can be reading financial news and following the market developments.

At the beginning, you will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time learning—about the markets, how to manage risk and how to generate ideas. A team of experts supports our newest traders during that period. But, very quickly, you are likely to have considerable responsibility and the opportunity to make a real impact.

Depending on the team or strategy, every day can look different. Some make a few trades each day, hold them for months and spend time researching and building models. Others work across the firm globally and closely follow news in multiple markets day in and day out.

Either way, the work is stimulating. There are always new market factors to analyze and opportunities to unlock.

Citadel brings together extraordinary colleagues. The ability to work with some of the best and brightest minds in the world, in an extremely collaborative environment, is inspiring. It also makes for an optimal training environment.

We have some of the best research resources in the industry, tailor-made to build out our strategies. From brilliant quantitative researchers to custom-built risk management tools, our teams have what they need to fuel their work. These resources help us quantify risk, simulate trades in different environments and test multiple hypotheses.

At Citadel, encouragement to pursue responsible risk-taking comes directly from our most senior leaders. And if the outcome is less than ideal, there is a genuine desire to dissect what happened. The same applies to when things go well. We identify which elements are due to luck and which are due to skill. The focus on continuous learning strengthens the firm’s competitive advantage and enriches those who build careers here.


  • BS/MS in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics or another quantitative field preferred
  • Passion for the financial markets and trading; systematic problem solving
  • Technical skills: Acute understanding of risk-taking in uncertain conditions, programming languages, algorithm theory and statistics
  • Strategic decision-making skills: Adept ability to take in new information and act quickly. You may have honed those skills through classes, internships or even through an interest in gaming, chess or poker
  • Resilience: Takes ownership, works with integrity and overcomes obstacles to achieve long-term goals
  • Intellectual curiosity and a motivation to learn
  • Excellent communication and planning skills

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