Positions for Students


Working at Citadel

Passion. Motivation. Drive. We are a firm that believes in rewarding great results with increased opportunities. We are always looking for experienced professionals to join our mission to be the most successful investment team in the world.


Powerful potential. Bold careers.

Investment & Trading

The financial world moves fast. We need quick thinkers with strong strategic backbones. Investment visionaries who know how to balance risk with opportunity. Join us and let’s conquer the market together.

Quantitative Science

Are you driven by data? Do you want to solve the complex challenges of the financial market? Then join our team and help us analyze trends, create new strategies and lead the investment world.

Software & Engineering

We don’t just solve problems, we create new innovative solutions that impact the financial market and take data analysis to the new levels.

Corporate Operations

We became a top company to work at because we have top leaders. We’re always looking for topnotch managers and strategic trailblazers to help us keep our culture strong and our company great.


"Win with integrity"