Investing Team

Strategically Seeking Investment Opportunity

Our investing team develops data-driven theses that underpin various investing decisions. Adopting an investment process powered by rigorous modeling, our professionals work with portfolio construction and risk teams in an effort to deliver alpha across market conditions.

Deep Expertise,
Rigorous Approach

Equipped with cutting-edge resources and technology, our investing teams work to discover and act on differentiated investment ideas.

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Fundamental &
Market Research

Our investing team seeks unexplored hypotheses and differentiated investment ideas. To find them, they ask incisive questions, collaborating with industry experts, data scientists and corporate management teams.


Here, the best idea always wins. To invest with conviction, our team puts their ideas to the test through modeling, backtesting and debate.


When it’s time to execute on ideas, our traders use their understanding of financial markets and cutting-edge technology to execute efficiently and cost-effectively.


Leveraging sophisticated tools, our investment professionals manage capital with discipline. Their goal: act efficiently on our investment ideas across market cycles and unexpected events.


Our team collaborates closely with Portfolio Construction and Risk Group professionals who are experts in their sector. Their goal is to construct each portfolio to optimize risk and reward, given the investment strategy.

The Power of

We have an ethos of placing decisions in the hands of the most junior person who can make them effectively. CEO and Founder Ken Griffin explains how distributed decision-making makes us responsive to changing market conditions and helps develop industry-leading talent.

Decision-Making at Citadel


Converting Ideas
into Advantages

Independent thinkers with an entrepreneurial mindset, each member of our investing team is challenged to take on intelligent risk. Our team explores novel approaches to the markets, solving problems and revealing hard-to-find opportunities.

Always Seeking
Brilliant Minds

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