Global Quantitative Strategies (GQS)

A Dynamic, Integrated Platform

GQS has rapidly become one of the most significant and fastest-growing quantitative trading teams in the industry since it was founded in 2012. Agile teams of quantitative researchers, engineers and traders develop and apply advanced statistical and quantitative modeling techniques to identify and act on investment opportunities. We develop and deploy these strategies on our leading-edge systems.

Our approach is grounded in specialization, collaboration and unification. Teams specialize in key areas of the investment process and work together to apply their expertise in pursuit of a common goal. Customized, central operations—from our portfolio optimization to a dedicated execution effort—allow us to run sophisticated strategies with efficiency.

Quantitative researchers contribute unique perspectives and research specialties, while engineers develop robust systems that allow us to operate at scale. Together, they unlock a multiplier effect driving the dynamic growth and expansion of the strategy.


Quantitative researchers who hold a PhD

As of April 2024


Quantitative researchers who hold an advanced degree


Research and engineering function heads who achieved their positions within 10 years of graduating university

A Powerful Meeting of Minds

The rapid and successful growth of GQS is fueled by the highest caliber of talent from a variety of backgrounds who share a commitment to excellence. Whether they join us from campus, industry or academia, each team member provides a critical and impactful perspective to our quantitative investment process.

Early-career talent works closely with experienced and passionate colleagues, who are dedicated to delivering extraordinary results. Beyond learning on the desk, our teams benefit from dedicated mentorship, rotational programs, structured leadership and development support and sponsored learning.

Introducing the
GQS PhD Fellowship

Created by our Global Quantitative Strategies team, the GQS PhD Fellowship awards a grant of up to $100,000 for PhD candidates in mathematics, engineering, technology and science.

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Team Leadership

Navneet Arora
Head of Global Quantitative Strategies

Navneet Arora joined Citadel in 2013 as a senior quantitative researcher, shortly after the founding of Global Quantitative Strategies. In 2019, he was named Head of GQS. Navneet has taken a successful strategy and grown it significantly by attracting world-class talent and encouraging deeper collaboration between teams. He also serves on Citadel’s Portfolio Committee.

Prior to joining the firm, Navneet served as Director of Quantitative Research at American Century Investments, managing director and Global Head of Model-Based Credit Research at BlackRock and Global Head of Credit Research at Barclays Global Investors.

His research has been published in academic and practitioner journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Investment Management and Energy Risk.

Navneet received a bachelor’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, a post-graduate degree from Indian Institute of Management-Kolkata and a PhD in finance from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

On Spotting Potential New Talent

Collaborative. Solutions-oriented. Impact-driven. Citadel’s Head of Global Quantitative Strategies, Navneet Arora, explains what we look for in a new hire.

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