Quantitative Research

Quantitative researchers build the models that power our quantitative strategies and inform many of our investment decisions.

Your Role

Envision a possibility. Assemble the data. Test hypotheses. Build advanced statistical models that help us capture market opportunities.

Where Autonomy Meets Teamwork

Sharpen your specialized skills by conducting research that will quickly be applied, refined and tested. Our work goes into production with extraordinary speed, enabling you to make an impact quickly.

About Our Quantitative Research Team

Quantitative Research at Citadel


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Key Information for Applicants

Quantitative researchers from our team answer some of our candidates’ frequently asked questions.

What makes someone successful as a quantitative researcher?

What skills are the most important in quantitative research careers?

What is the difference in the roles quantitative researchers play in fundamental and quantitative strategies?

What sets Citadel apart in the financial industry?

What does a career path in quantitative research look like?

What can you expect to learn as a quantitative researcher?

What is the firm’s culture like for quantitative researchers?

What Defines
Strong Candidates

  • BS/MS/PhD in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science or another highly quantitative field
  • Strong knowledge of probability and statistics
  • Experience performing data analysis and building predictive models using data
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for problem solving
  • Programming experience
  • Motivation to learn

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