Careers How to Get a Job at the #1 Ideal Hedge Fund Employer

How to Get a Job at the #1 Ideal Hedge Fund Employer

May 31, 2018

We’re proud to be ranked as the #1 Ideal Hedge Fund Employer after more than 6,000 finance professionals told eFinancialCareers about the employers they most want to work for and admire. On the heels of Citadel earning this distinction, our own Todd Barker, head of Surveyor Capital, sat down with eFinancialCareers to discuss what it takes to get a job, and thrive, at Citadel.

His advice includes “be open to continuous learning throughout your career. No one has completely mastered the art or science of being an equity long/short PM or analyst, so you can always learn how to do the job better.”

Check out Todd’s full Q&A with eFinancialCareers to understand what differentiates Citadel from other hedge fund employers and how working on the buy-side compares with working on the sell-side. The full article is available at