Careers Ken Griffin on Citadel’s Founding and Winning with Integrity

Ken Griffin on Citadel’s Founding and Winning with Integrity

May 18, 2016

Taking the stage at the annual SALT conference, Citadel CEO Ken Griffin looks back on turning points in the firm’s 25-year history, the lessons he’s learned, and the steps needed to ensure a free and fair market tomorrow. SALT convenes over 1,800 top investors, policymakers and industry leaders to discuss what’s next at the intersection of global markets and society.

Here are five key moments from the talk, which was moderated by Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and host of Wall Street Week.

Part 1: Arbitrage in the Dorm Room: How Ken got a satellite dish on his Harvard dorm’s roof | Technology’s role in competitive advantage

Part 2: First fundraising:  How Citadel won its first investor | Career-changing advice from Frank Meyer | Scaling the firm through delegation and culture

Part 3: Winning, but with integrity: | Aligning values and personal motivation | Citadel’s approach

Part 4: 2008 financial crisis | What was missed | What was learned | Retaining talent in troubled waters

Part 5: Promoting free and fair markets | Citadel’s interest in fair markets | Dodd-Frank | IEX