Starting Your Career at a
Hedge Fund

Your First Week
In any industry, the most challenging part of building your career is always the first step and the first decisions made once you start your career. Your first week often sets the foundation for the months and years ahead. This chapter teaches you where to focus your attention during this critical time period.
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Your First Six Months
At Citadel, we take pride in our tools, libraries, and training programs that we share with our employees. This chapter outlines how you can learn about and tap into important resources at a hedge fund.
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Your First Year
Your team’s investment process, as well as your career aspirations, should start to come into focus after a year of soaking up knowledge and experiences. This chapter summarizes what you’ve probably been through over the last year and how to prepare questions for your manager as well as others on the team.
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Your Second Year
In your second year at a hedge fund you should aim to polish your presence while collaborating others and build your network. This chapter provides tips from our associates and recruiters for those looking to get to the next level early in their career.
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Beyond Your Second Year
We’re wrapping up the Ultimate Guide for Starting Your Career at a Hedge Fund with a summary of how to set yourself up to thrive, over the course of your career, with two years under your belt.
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