Civic Leadership Citadel and Carnegie Mellon Launch the Citadel Teaching Commons

Citadel and Carnegie Mellon Launch the Citadel Teaching Commons

March 13, 2015

Citadel is proud to unveil the Citadel Teaching Commons – a new high-performance computing and study space at Carnegie Mellon University.

The student-centric learning clusters feature flat capacitive touch keyboards, inductive chargers and fully articulating arms. In addition, a group of 74 donated computer servers support the University’s research and education in machine learning, distributed systems and parallel computing architecture.

The University has a strong track record of innovation in high performance computing, machine learning, systems, software development and infrastructure. CMU alumni who are now part of our team hold prominent roles and are integral to the ongoing success of Citadel. Over the past decade, one in five of all the technical and quantitative research candidates we hired came from CMU.

Andrew Moore, Dean of the CMU School of Computer Science and Joseph Squeri, Citadel’s Chief Information Officer hosted the ribbon-cutting event for the Citadel Teaching Commons.

But we didn’t just cut the ribbon and call it a day; we challenged CMU students to put it to the test right away. Citadel’s very own CMU alumni employees returned to their Alma Mater to present students with a computational challenge.

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