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Our engineering team plays a critical part in every innovation and every strategy we pursue. Working side by side with investment teams and professionals from across the firm, engineers build everything from customized research tools to platforms for distributing billions of market data values in real time.

Building the Systems That Build Our Edge

Our team builds systems that allow our firm to find and make the most of any opportunity, anywhere. We iterate continuously and quickly using cutting-edge software stacks. Solutions can enter production in weeks or days.

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Research and

Data and analytics reveal what others can’t see. Our engineers build frameworks that power research and quantitative modeling across the firm.


An idea is only as great as its implementation. Working with quantitative researchers and portfolio managers, engineers create tools to unlock value.


Engineers architect and implement solutions that connect us to markets around the world, allowing orders to flow wherever opportunity awaits.


Our team uses modern web technologies, such as TypeScript and React, to build sophisticated, interactive front-end systems that make performance and risk information understandable in real time.


Our firm earns trust through smart investing and prudent risk management at scale. Engineers work with risk professionals to develop tools for simulating and analyzing hundreds of scenarios.

Core Platforms
& Infrastructure

Engineers design and optimize the foundational technologies that underpin what we do. Using industry-standard tools, our team delivers high performance at scale—both on premise and in the cloud.

Driving Impact, Delivering Value

“The talent that joins us in engineering is deeply integrated in our strategies. It is one cross-functional team, collaborating to build software that powers our risk-taking.” Hear our Chief Technology Officer, Umesh Subramanian, share his perspective on the role engineers play and our culture of continual learning.

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