Research Team


Our quantitative research team harnesses data to reveal market opportunity. Using advanced computing and simulation capabilities, quants find powerful insights in immense complexity. The team shapes the strategies that generate our competitive edge and drives our automated trading.

A Measurable

We believe the depth, breadth and scale of our quantitative research is unparalleled. Our team builds actionable strategies using vast, varied datasets within state-of-the-art research, tooling and development environments.

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New datasets allow new ways of tackling a problem. We seek out new data relentlessly, so that our quants can explore it, determine its value and generate insights.

& Models

Quants develop the tools that inform—and in some cases automate—our strategies. They build algorithms and models and use market feedback to iterate and refine their work.


Quants are critical to each stage of developing certain new strategies, from concepting and idea generation to backtesting and final output.

& Analysis

In a firm of questioners, there are always new questions. Quants’ research skills add extraordinary value, from market research to risk analysis to portfolio construction.

Impactful Beyond
the Numbers

Our quantitative research team combines mathematical talent with commercial intent. Quants excel in identifying difference-making ideas, and bring the passion and initiative to help make those ideas a reality.

Always Seeking
Brilliant Minds

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